Thermal Imaging

We are authorized by the FAA to operate at night up to 400' Above Ground Level in most airspace.

FLIR Thermal Camera Mounted to a Quad-Copter Drone

Flat Roof Inspections, Cell/Radio Tower Inspections, Small Solar Panel Inspections, etc.

$129.95 $129.95 Per Hour

FLIR Thermal Camera Mounted to a Fixed Wing Drone

High Voltage Power Line Inspections, Large Solar Arrays, Search and Rescue Missions.

$179.95 $179.95 Per Hour

FLIR Handheld Thermal Camera

Indoor Thermal Inspections - Breaker Boxes, AC Units, Plumbing & Wires behind walls. Anything else requiring instant real time thermal data. We can even find Honey Bee Hives behind exterior walls!

$49.95 $49.95 Per Hour