Roof & Wall Measurements

We offer two versions of Roof & Wall Reports.

#1  –  Our “Quickroof” is a fast and affordable way for contractors and home owners to get an accurate report of how many “Squares” of roofing materials will be needed.

 QuickRoof Measurement Reports start at only $59.95
Click here for a sample “QuickRoof”  Measurement Report

#2  –  Our Complete Roof & Wall Inspection comes with a considerably more extensive report that includes:

Length Diagram
Area Diagram
Pitch Diagram
Wall Area Diagram
Doors & Windows Diagram
Waste Collection Table
Square Foot Pitch Table
North, South, East & West Elevation Diagrams
5 HDR Aerial Photographs
Report Summary

Looking for Damage Inspections for Insurance Claims?

Aerial Roof Inspections with Claim Ready Damage Reports start are only $99.95

Thermal Vision Flat Roof Inspections (Water Leaks/Damage) = $ 129.95 per hour