Frequently Asked Questions

I keep hearing about Drones and the FAA in the news.  Are you legal?

Absolutely!  We have three Drone Pilots – all operate lawfully under FAA Part 107.  We also carry a $10,000,00.00 UAV Liability Insurance Policy through Global-Aerospace.  Drone Pilots have their FAA 107 Certificates on their person at all times and a copy of our insurance policy is available to all clients at the job site!  We can also provide printed copies for your records upon request. 

                                                                                   ***  We are currently (July 2021) hiring in Alamosa!  ***
                                                                           You must have a FAA Part 107 UAS Commercial Drone License.

                                              Please send Resume and Link(s) showing your past work to [email protected] 


What don’t you do?

Fly directly over people.
Fly over 400′ above ground level. (Some situations allow for higher altitudes)
Fly directly over stadiums or emergency responders.
Fly in Controlled Airspace without a waiver.
Operate from within a US National Park.
Operate from within a Colorado State Park.
Operate from within a City/County Park that has ordinances against drones.
Fly in rain/snow or when the winds are over 15 MPH.
Fly when temps are below 25F or over 100F.
Produce a bad product.


How long does it take to get my project?

Depends on the project of course, but typically 12-24 hours after we have completed shooting all footage.  
Keep in mind that if you ordered a custom 3D Logo or Animation delivery times will be delayed.


What types of drones do you use?

We have several Quad/Hex Copters & Planes.  DJI’s Inspire 2 Pro is our go to Drone for most projects.  For projects requiring longer range aircraft that don’t need batteries changed every 20 mins, we have a few fixed winged planes to go with.  Our main plane is a Gemini V2 Custom from Thompson Aerospace.  This plane has 5 onboard cameras and can stay in the air over 4 hours without needing to change a battery.  This is perfect for wildlife monitoring, crop/land surveying and long range search & rescue (Thermal Vision Available Now – so make that 6 cameras!!!)


How long have you been flying drones?

We have three pilots and one visual observer operating under FAA Part 107.  Together they have over 54 years experience flying all types of radio controlled aircraft.


Can you take my pictures and/or videos and add them to my project?

Yes!  We have a State of the Art 8K Editing Studio in house and can do pretty much anything!


What if I just need some quick pictures of something like my boat or house?  Do I need to be a professional realtor to use your services?

No you don’t.  We are a full service company open to everyone.   Quick “show up and shoot” jobs start at $59.95.


Are you insured?

Of course!  We carry a $10,000,000.00 UAV Professional Liability Insurance Policy with Global-Aerospace.  


I’m a Licensed Realtor – do you offer bulk discounts if I need ongoing service?

Yes we do!  Contact us for more information regarding contracts.


What is your service area?

We proudly serve all of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas and Wyoming. 


Can you take Panoramic Photographs?

Yes, but we don’t stop there!  We can take 360×360 (Complete Sphere) Super High Resolution HDR Photos.  These are delivered in a Stand-Alone Format as well as Facebook, Flash and HTML5 for use on websites.  We also offer 360×360 Degree Interactive VIDEO and even Virtual Reality Tours!

360 Degree Aerial Videos now available.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Cash, Corporate Checks, International Money Orders, Western Union and Bank Wire Transfers.  Our Pilots can swipe credit/debit cards on site but do not carry cash or change.


What if my wedding or special occasion/event is during a weekend or after your business hours?

We are never “closed”.  


How far in advance do I need to schedule your services?

Depends.  Commercial Real Estate jobs we can do with 3-4 days notice.  Weddings at least 3 weeks.  Basically the more time the better.  One thing to keep in mind is WEATHER!  We do not fly in rain, snow or winds over 15 mph.


Hey, this is Colorado – will you shoot my outdoor “crops”?

Sure will!  We can even provide NDVI (Crop Health) Precision Agriculture complete with yield estimate reports and soil analysis. 


Do you offer discounts for Non-Profit Organizations?

If you have a 501 (C) (3), then yes we do!


Do you sell drones?

As of 8/1/2016 we no longer sell drones. is the best option.  30 Day No Questions Asked Returns!  
Just make sure if you are buying a DJI product to purchase from an “Authorized” DJI Dealer.  Don’t make the mistake of buying from a generic “Drones R Us” type of operation.  If you are in Colorado, check out .


Do you rent drones?



Do you offer training?

Yes, but you must bring your own drone.  Call or email for an appointment.  Most training we offer for free!


Can you take night time photographs/videos?

Yes!  We have a blanket waiver for Flying at Night in ALL UNCONTROLLED Airspace to 400′ AGL.
*We also have a COA for night time flying for most controlled airspace in Colorado, New Mexico,  Utah, Kansas and Wyoming.


Can  you fly over water?

Yes, as well as UNDER water!  Our submersible long range drone is equipped with a 4K video camera!


Can you fly indoors?

Depends.  Warehouses, Greenhouses, or other large buildings = sure.  We do not however fly our professional drones inside of houses.  We do have tiny drones with real time first person cameras for fun indoors.