Cellular Tower Inspections

Serving The Telcom Industry in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Utah & Wyoming

We take HUNDREDS of photos of each pole, tower, antennas and base - ready to process in Pix4D

Regular Maintenance Surveys

Our Drones can safely conduct surveys in difficult or unsafe terrain.
Monitor the encroachment of vegetation or erosion on your assets.
Identify any wear and tear or corrosion.
Reduce time-on-site by proactively surveying for access or equipment requirements.
Validate the progress or completion of repair work.

Asset Construction Surveying

Survey sites for suitability, access routes and risk from fire, flood or other events, using detailed elevation data and accurate measuring of distances, areas, volumes and gradients.
Create visual audit trails for monitoring the progress tower, pipeline and other asset build project. Perform detailed inspections of assets and their individual components.
Compare progress or completion of an asset against it’s design to ensure compliance.
Use visual assets such as Images and 3D Models in reports to improve their understanding of the non-visual information provided.

Emergency Response

Provide a visual confirmation and detailed data on damage to your assets or immediate surrounds to all stakeholders quickly.
Identify safe access routes and work areas.
Improve oversight and centralized direction.